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Peace in Every Word

February 26, 2015


It is an odd statement to hear that we could most likely hurt each other more through our words than through our actions. When I look at my children, I think that they would rather take a punch to the gut than to be cut down through someone’s statements or words. Our speech is not something to be taken lightly, but yet so often words coming flying out of our mouths or off the keyboard or pen without much thought. They are simply our opinions, and therefore can not do any real damage, right?

The blogging world is an interesting one, at first a place to come to share happy moments, a sense of community, a piece of ourselves. In doing so, it opens us up to a world of both incredible positivity and the threat of incredible negativity. It brings up so many wonderful questions about where lines are drawn in our world, and what is safe or necessary to reveal to the world around us. It also brings us a moment to reflect that peace is not only in our actions, but in our every day speech as well. It is not only in the steps that we take, but in the words that we share. The world is not a place where beauty is inherent in all things, it must be created by each of us. When I say my prayers at night, silently whispering into the universe, my greatest hope is that my children never face the darkness that we all know is present in our world. That they will forever be the bearers of light. It is a choice, our words, just like our actions. Somehow this lesson feels so vital to pass down to our babes. As their mom, I am trying hard to find a way to create a line of trust through positive speech. There are so many moments when we disagree, when I can not understand where their minds are, but I am trying to approach them with a sense of respect for who they are becoming, and using my words as a powerful jumping off point for discussion, rather than a place to just cut them down in exasperation.

Taking this practice out into the world around me is tougher than I thought. There are moments when I want to yell at my TV, or the person driving next to me, or the person who cut in front of me in line. It is so easy, isn’t it, to throw our words around, even in our own minds. It is so hard to let go of a negativity that is so ingrained in us as our right that we barely give it a passing thought. We hear about children who have taken their own lives from the words that are spoken at school, or on the internet, but as adults we do not give the same consideration to ourselves. We think we have thicker skin, we can take it, but we rarely acknowledge that negativity in words and thoughts leaves us a little emptier, a little less willing to share.

I respect those people who choose to walk away from negativity at every step. Whose words and actions match the life they want to create and the children they are hoping to raise. As my oldest children begin to walk on a more independent path (am I really facing teenagers here soon?), I hope that we can teach them that their words are their most powerful tool. That if they truly want to create peace, to a create a better world, it simply starts with the words they choose to use.

Peace in every step, peace in every thought, peace in all our words.



Love Bubbles

February 12, 2015








Valentine’s Day. The day of love, cupid, chocolate, flowers, stress. Why do I never know how to get a grasp on this particular day? The boys seem geared up to celebrate this year, maybe because Jacob is busy getting his Valentine’s ready for his school mates? Something that he has never thought about in the past. Last night we made warm beeswax candles, a treat from Heather’s Hibernate course that I have loved this past month. What is it about the smell of warm beeswax? It is so soothing and perfect for cooler winter nights. It just beckoned for a long bath and a good book.

Landon and Emma Jeanne spent the day yesterday surrounded by bubbles. Love bubbles to be exact. Could anything be simpler or provide more hours of fun? A glittery pipe cleaner bent into a heart shape, and homemade bubbles that we keep in a jar and constantly pull out when the weather permits. Emma hasn’t quite gotten the grasp on how to blow the bubbles yet, but it is darn cute to watch. Elwood often blows them for her, and she chases them with giggles and glee. Oh this last little one of mine, she has the wildest of spirits, and the heart of an angel.

There is so much knitting going on right now. Do you all have knitting bursts? I often find that I can work on one project for months, and then all of a sudden I have made three sweaters in a week. There must be something to that. The fair isle is the Leftovers Cowl and I am in love. Seriously, I don’t want to ever put this down, but I have so many other things to finish up this week that I must. I am starting a weaving class tonight with my friend Stacy, and I can not wait to get my hands moving through the loom. Something else new and exciting to adventure with. I have had the strongest desire in the last few months to get out of my comfort zone and explore new techniques. I love learning new things, it makes me feel like I can always be young, always be relevant. I need that.

I wish you all a weekend full of love, of calories, and of many new adventures.