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Natural dyes, flower baskets, egg vases, buckwheat pancakes, chocolate bunnies, and happy babes. It was a good, good day.


There is something so essential about a fresh start, a new year, a proper end and the promise of a new beginning.

As we were approaching the holidays I told Joel that I needed to see this year come to an end, and that I was craving what was ahead. This had nothing to do with 2011 being a bad year, it was one of the best on record, but rather a feeling that there is something brewing in 2012 that will change the dynamic of my relationships, and my sense of self.

We spent New Year’s Eve with close family and friends reminiscing on the past, as 2012 would mark my 20th year of knowing my husband. As the night drew on, I began to play with the feelings in my heart that were coming forth. Joel had declared that 2012 would be our year of fun and that this would be the year that we finally took the chances, the adventures we had been dreaming about.

Adventure, connection, joy and simplicity, these became our resolutions for twenty twelve.

There is a commercial on television right now from Citibank that shows professional rock climber Katie Brown enjoying quite a view after a hard climb. I love this commercial, I watch entire football games with my husband just to see this commercial. I want to be that woman standing on top of the rock overlooking the world.

For Christmas Joel showed that he pays full attention to my dreams, and bought us a two day pass to learn to rock climb together.

Adventure means many things to many people, but it is an essential part of the life experience. Choosing to follow our dreams, taking the first step, taking a risk, that is all part of the fun that makes any adventure worth taking, any life worth living.

When I think of things that fill the soul, that help us dive deep within ourselves and pull out what truly makes us happy, I think of adventure. I want to fill this year full of them.

:: I want to climb Longs Peak
:: I want to learn to rock climb
:: I want to finally write that book
:: I want to throw on a potters wheel
:: I want to back pack with my children

Adventures are exciting because they propel us further than we thought that we could go, they remind us we can do what we set out to, that we are strong and gracious and amazing and full of such spirit. They remind us that life is awesome.

We deserve adventure. We deserve to dream big and see it through. We deserve to declare an entire year to the adventures that will change us and define who we become in the future.

I have lived many an adventure so far in my short 35 years, but what keeps me happy, keeps me sane, is knowing that there are so many more to come.