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Spring Simplicity

March 11, 2010

One thing that I am beginning to realize is that there are small things that we can do to bring beauty to our everyday space. I am so ready for Winter to end, and for the colors of Spring to return. As I write this, there is snow falling, then rain, then snow. It is grey and brown, and muddy, but there is a tiny hint of green beginning to pop through.

There is nothing like a little bit of Amy Butler to bring the colors of nature inside. I recently created a project for a favorite publication, and in it I used recycled wool sweaters that I gathered from everything that no longer fit. In the pile was a purple, green and white striped favorite. While I didn’t use it for the project, I still had it cut up, and in need of a good use.

Something easy, placed in the corner of my desk chair. Nothing life altering or perfectly pieced together, just a fun fabric, a favorite sweater, and some wool stuffing.

No matter how little it may seem, it brings a brightness to my space that makes everything else just a little bit nicer.

What simple things do you do to bring beauty into your space?

On Tuesday, I was given the lovely news that my Intense Debate reply function “had a bug”. For over two months, all of the comments that I had replied to had never been received. In the grand scheme of life, this is not really a very big deal, but still a bit of a bummer. I spent yesterday evening going through emails and comments, and trying to get back to as many of you that I could. I plan to continue to do the same for as long as it takes me to answer your questions, and thank you for your kind words.


Feeling Spring

February 16, 2010

I was walking through my family room yesterday evening, and when I looked outside, the light was still there. It was 5:55 at night, and the light was still there.

Spring is coming

To be honest, I am really feeling done with Winter. This is about the time, every year, when I am ready to get out into my garden, to take hikes with out ice and snow, and to open up my doors and windows to let in a cool breeze.

This is not, however, that time in Colorado.

Don’t get me wrong, we have had an amazing winter here, and I have nothing to complain about, except that no matter what, I am still ready for Spring.

It is always a challenge, because we have to prepare for the coming season so far in advance. Yesterday, while my family was still up skiing in the cold snow, I was down creating garden plans, and cataloging seeds.

This year, I really want to create much more of an outdoor living space. I so feel the need to live as much out of doors as possible this Spring and Summer, and to enjoy watching my children run through sprinklers, catch (and release) fireflies, and enjoy melting Popsicles.

I know that it is still winter, and that the trick is to keep ourselves in the present moment, to savor where we are, rather than to wish upon the future. Still, I miss fresh fruit and vegetables, and if I have to eat one more bowl of soup, I will have no choice but to cry.

Yes, I do need to stop whining now, don’t I? The seasons are coming into transition, and Spring will be here before we know it. For now, it is time to savor the last of the internal part of the year, the hibernation and seclusion that winter brings with it. It is time to prepare for the earth waking up, and the endless possibilitis of the warmth ahead.

To give myself just a little taste of Spring, I broke out the light linen napkins that I found in the thrift store months back, and hand painted them for us to enjoy. To enjoy on those warm nights for dinner in our backyard, or afternoons spent along the river. Just a small taste of the warm months ahead.

Winter may still be here, but Spring is coming.