In the Kitchen

Right Now

September 24, 2012

Right now I am::

:: Loving roasted golden beets, marinated sheep feta, and spinach for lunch.

:: Excited to see this beautiful magazine come to life. Community creativity is always on the top of my inspiration list, and Amanda’s work never fails to leave me with a sense of peace in my day.

:: Enjoying warm banana bread cake fresh from the oven. Made with almond flour and coconut oil, I keep telling myself that it is healthy enough for more than one slice.

:: Loving watching my family enjoy the change of the seasons, together.

:: Trying to find just the right sweater to knit for myself.

:: Enjoying a cup of apple spiced iced tea, and dreaming of the days ahead when I will drink it warm in front of the fire.

:: Thinking that this is a tomato sauce that I could handle, and a great way to use up the last of the harvest.

:: Getting all of the ingredients ready to make tinctures, tonics and brews for the coming cold season. Praying that we will not need them as much as we did last year.

:: Planning on joining in on the pumpkin carving fun with my boys this year, and having a hoot (sorry, couldn’t resist) with this pattern.

:: Pretty sure that this is one of my favorite Autumn Pinterest boards of all time.

:: Loving autumn knitting for the kids, as I finish up birthday sweaters for my older boys, and cast on fun autumn pants for Landon.

:: Wishing for a great start to this first full week of Autumn.


Antipasto Pasta

August 16, 2012

A few weeks back I ate at one of my favorite places in Colorado: my friend Cindy and Jeff’s house. Cindy is one of those cooks who could take 5 random ingredients in your fridge and make something amazing out of them. Everything that she cooks is truly delicious, and it always leaves me wanting to recreate it when I get home.

At brunch Cindy served an antipasto plate that consisted of mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto, roasted tomatoes, marinated mushrooms and artichokes, and sliced olives. It was the perfect meal with a Pomegranate mimosa and great conversation.

A few days later I was craving that same plate, and it was just as good at dinner as it had been at brunch. I did, however, have a ton left over, but I needed to do something new with it that would ensure that it would not go to waste, while not seeming like I was serving the same meal twice in two days.

This is how we got antipasto pasta.

An antipasto plate has so many wonderful flavors, oils, and juices that it is the perfect, and may I say easy, way to spice up a pasta dish.

A little quinoa pasta served up hot and tossed with the leftover antipasto plate turned out to be a family favorite, especially with the youngest amongst us. Landon found the pasta utterly to his liking, and indulged in quite the helping before the rest of us even sat down.

The pasta can be served with almost any antipasto ingredients, and will need nothing more than a good glass of wine to accompany it. Although the more friends to share it with, the better.

Some days I just love leftovers.