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October 2012 - Shivaya Naturals

October 2012

Oh my, it has been a really long time, hasn’t it? I am not even going to try and explain, let’s just move on to the knitting, shall we? There have been a whirlwind of changes in my household in the past few weeks, and a lot more coming at the turn of the year, but for now there is changing leaves, autumn colors, and the first real sweater wearing of the season.

The Tama sweater had been on my radar since it was released, and I knew that it was something that I wanted to do for Landon this autumn. I came across the brightest of orange yarn at a trip into my LYS a few weeks back, and I knew exactly what to do with it. Landon’s daddy calls him his little Punkin, so a sweater to match seemed appropriate. Add in a few fall leaves as buttons, and the sweater will carry our little one all the way through the season.

I also tried my hand at some longies for the coming cold, and oh my, I think that I have found a new passion. The Kanako Pants are a wonderful pattern to start with, and I love the texture, stitch change and drape that they give. I would love to get a few more off the needles for Landon before the real cold sets in.

As for what is on my needles this week, a little something just for me. I figure every mama needs a cowl, and if you have all boys in your family, a pink cowl at that. The Noble Cowl has a lovely stitch pattern that caught my eye, and I am excited for a cold weather day and a little snow to wear it with.

On my nightstand is a book I feel the need to read for a second time. Hold Onto Your Kids is a great resource for staying an active and engaged part of our children’s lives, and helping to make sure that family, rather than just friends, is a guiding force for our kiddos. I love it this time just as much as the first.

I feel somewhat silly writing about knitting and books in a time when so many people have endured a terrible storm. My heart is with all of you who are beginning to dig out from Hurricane Sandy, and I hope that the road to restoration is a quick and safe one.



A Creative Moment

October 10, 2012

Oh my, October arrived and I did not document it here. Time is running fast these past few weeks, while the weather turns cold, my older boys celebrate a birthday each, and I find myself staring, sometimes rather blankly, at  my computer screen.

When I envisioned writing a book with Bernadette, I knew that it would be tough, but neither of us ever could have imagined just how tough. When we began Rhythm of the Home all those years ago, we had a very clear vision. We wanted to bring the idea of family creativity, a love of nature, and a true belief that everyone had the ability to write, create and educate to our community. I don’t think that either of us ever thought that so many people would give their time and their talent to the project, but  that they have done. The ROTH community comes together every three months with so much passion for giving back, and we are always in awe of all that is offered up so generously.

When we considered writing the ROTH book, it was with that community in mind that we began. This is a chance to take the reasons for ROTH and put them into our own words, this is our chance to really write. I believe in Rhythm of the Home more than any other endeavor that I have been involved in. I believe that it is needed and good and so full of love, and somehow, Bernadette and I want to get that across on the pages of this book. It is also the golden chance to document a decade (nearly) of friendship and work between the two of us, and how often does that opportunity come along?

So for now, here I sit. Everything else is going to take a back seat as we wrap up these last few weeks of writing, photographing and editing. I know that one day soon I will sit with my kiddos, open the pages and smile at all that was poured into this project, and for that I am so very grateful.