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September 2012

On His Time

September 20, 2012

There is something about the way children view time that fascinates me. As adults, we are so programmed towards being on time, chasing time, respecting time, but playing like there is no time at all, that is a blessing of childhood.

Landon and I took a walk the other day, and by walk, I mean it took us over an hour to simply get to the end of the street. For you see, Landon had to stop to blow every single dandelion that we came across, and we came across a whole lot. Time was irrelevant, and the only thing that mattered was moving on to the next dandelion. He giggled, he rolled the soft fluff in his fingers, he let the sunshine warm his back, and he was just so fully in the moment.

I think that it is safe to say that on those days where we can release the hold that time has over us, those are some of the best days. The days where there is no carpool, no soccer practice, no bills to be paid or grocery shopping to do. Where no one is counting on us, and we can just simply play in the dandelions, so to speak, for as long as we please, those are the best days. They don’t come along often enough, do they? We try and tell ourselves that we will do better and make more days like those, but somehow time always gets us in the end.

Perhaps as we get older and have children of our own the goal is not to force ourselves against the current of time, but rather to protect our children from it’s grip for as long as possible. Allowing children the time and space to simply be, to play and explore, to run and create, to be bored and without schedule, that is what keeps them in the now, in this moment.

As for me, I am working hard to make sure that anything that I chose to do, I do with enjoyment. I figure if I can’t beat time, I can at least love every minute of what I have been given. I have left behind the feelings of “I have to”, and am trying to replace it with “I want to”. It isn’t as easy as I would like it to be, but it does give this journey through life a bit more meaning.

But some days, oh how I wish I could just get lost in a field of dandelions.


On the Needles, By the Bed

September 19, 2012

I am joining Ginny for Yarn Along, as I have just taken one of my favorite sweaters off the needles; Beyond Puerperium. This pattern was a blast to work with, and who doesn’t love a sweater that knits up in a few days time? The neck line is something new and different, and I love the way the buttons come down the side. I chose to knit shorter sleeves because I was just too excited to get this sweater off my needles and onto Landon’s back, and I figured it would be the perfect transition sweater for the cooler days ahead.

Every time I knit with Malabrigo, I wonder why I use anything else. The yarn is so soft that I find myself wanting to cuddle it while I knit. It is sturdy, holds it’s shape so well, and is a thick enough wool for knits that will be worn in cold weather. The colors are pretty amazing, and this blue was no exception. I have a few more skeins, and I intend to do a long sleeve version of this sweater in the coming weeks.

As for the pants, well they were Landon’s wedding pants when I visited Boston in July, and they have been a favorite of mine since. They are a light white linen with just a bit of applique on the bottom. I love how something simple like two circles of fabric  and a little Steam-a-Seam can turn a relatively boring pair of pants into something pretty lively.

On the needles now is a project that I am afraid I might have been a little silly to knit in September, but I just could not resist. While I was out at an author signing a few weeks back for Joanna Johnson’s third book, Phoebe’s Birthday, I came across her second book as well. I have no idea how I missed that Joanna had written a second book, but it is well worth the read. The boys love these three books, and the knitting patterns are as good as they get. Landon is about to be the lucky recipient of Freddie’s Coveralls, and they are so popular in my house that Jacob keeps begging me to adapt the pattern to his size. Something about my almost 9 year old in knitted overalls just doesn’t seem to be working for me, but we shall see.

By the bed is Elevate the Everyday. I have loved playing more with photography, especially as Landon seems to have the art of posing down well. This is a great book by Tracey Clark on the joys and techniques for capturing the everyday moments of motherhood, and I am loving every page I read.

Cold weather knitting is on it’s way, and I just can not wait to see what comes off my needles, and yours.