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August 2012 - Shivaya Naturals

August 2012

Chasing Summer

August 20, 2012

After what felt like a brutally hot and trying summer, there is a shift in the air that is subtle but clear. The days are just a tad shorter, the nights a little cooler. The golden glow of August has descended on us, and everything just looks more beautiful and alive in it’s light.

These are the days when we spend all of our time out of doors, from breakfast until we fall into bed. These are the days when we lay by the river, skipping stones and floating along the shore. These are the days when the water runs so slowly that all of the kids can run and splash. These are the days when books are read by the light of the fire pit, smores can be called dinner and tents are pitched in the backyard. These are our true lazy days of summer.

The weather shifts fast on the Front Range, and in just a few short weeks we could be seeing the first glimpses of Autumn, but for now we are pretty content to keep our Summer rhythm going. This has been a season filled with many new experiences for just about all of us, and it feels like a time where we are holding onto each other just a little bit tighter. Maybe it is the older boys leaving behind early childhood and venturing into a new phase of life. Perhaps it is Landon entering fully into toddlerhood and bringing with him a spirit that is not easily matched. Whatever the reason may be, I feel grateful having my whole family close this season, and  making the most out of the time that we have together.

Summer babes are never cuter than when they are enjoying the season in a comfy romper. Landon lives in one piece sun suits and I love to see those chubby legs running around all day long.

A few weeks back I came across a pattern for a knitted romper that I was just too excited not to make. I knew that the truly hot weather was just about to break, but I also knew that this was Landon’s last chance to wear something so darn cute, and even if he only ever wore it as pajamas, it was worth it.

Thankfully it was a super quick knit, and he has enjoyed running around in his mama made romper all weekend long. I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino that I had been saving since Jacob’s birth, and was excited to finally find use for. I got gauge perfectly using a size 7 needle, but the piece still came out a little longer than I had hoped. Perhaps this might still fit for a warm weather spring break next year (I know, that is wishful thinking, but a mama can hope).

There is a long sleeve/long pant version of the same pattern that I must admit is tempting to get started on for the cooler season. I am also considering making the top part of the romper into a sweater, as the construction was so simple and quick to knit up.

For now, Landon is just over the moon excited to have the privilege of walking the dog (Jack is so old that he really never strays, so it is a safe chore for Landon to help with), and to have a place so close to home to dip his feet in the river. I, of course, am hoping that the romper can make it just a few more days before it sees the mud, sand, marker and yogurt that only an (almost!) 18 month old boy can bring to it.

We are chasing Summer for all it’s worth, squeezing every last drop of golden sunlight from it’s grasp, and collecting a lot of sweet memories along the way.

My Ravelry notes for the Rhino Romper can be viewed here


Antipasto Pasta

August 16, 2012

A few weeks back I ate at one of my favorite places in Colorado: my friend Cindy and Jeff’s house. Cindy is one of those cooks who could take 5 random ingredients in your fridge and make something amazing out of them. Everything that she cooks is truly delicious, and it always leaves me wanting to recreate it when I get home.

At brunch Cindy served an antipasto plate that consisted of mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto, roasted tomatoes, marinated mushrooms and artichokes, and sliced olives. It was the perfect meal with a Pomegranate mimosa and great conversation.

A few days later I was craving that same plate, and it was just as good at dinner as it had been at brunch. I did, however, have a ton left over, but I needed to do something new with it that would ensure that it would not go to waste, while not seeming like I was serving the same meal twice in two days.

This is how we got antipasto pasta.

An antipasto plate has so many wonderful flavors, oils, and juices that it is the perfect, and may I say easy, way to spice up a pasta dish.

A little quinoa pasta served up hot and tossed with the leftover antipasto plate turned out to be a family favorite, especially with the youngest amongst us. Landon found the pasta utterly to his liking, and indulged in quite the helping before the rest of us even sat down.

The pasta can be served with almost any antipasto ingredients, and will need nothing more than a good glass of wine to accompany it. Although the more friends to share it with, the better.

Some days I just love leftovers.