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August 2011

A Shift

August 16, 2011

Living in the present moment is something that I strive for, experiencing the moments as they come, rather than considering how they might be in the future.
No matter how hard I try, there is always a sense of shift at this time of year, and I find my mind wandering to the cool weather ahead. I don’t dwell on it, or even think of it for very long, but I can feel it.
There is the slightest chill as the sun goes down, a subtle change to the morning light as the sun rises just a little bit later, and a soft breeze that has not been here for the past few months.

I love to knit, and I pretend to be a knitter year round, but as the temperature gauge reaches well into the 90’s, my sense of joy at holding large mounds of wool fades away. I know that there are many warm days ahead, and I welcome them fully. Winter is a long season here, and extends well into Autumn and Spring, but for today I glance over the wool I know will be used in the coming months, and I can feel the shift ahead, and it makes me smile.

This blog has been having some technical difficulties over the past few days, and apparently the comments switched from Intense Debate back to blogger for certain posts, namely the two preceding this one. The comments were lost from those posts, which is a bit heartbreaking, but I am hoping that I can find enough technical savvy to correct the problem (or even just figure out what it is). Hopefully it will not continue to happen on other posts, but somehow it will work itself out, it always does :).


Right Now

August 11, 2011

We are returning from a beautiful trip back to the east coast, where we took the boys on a tour of Washington DC. What an experience to see their eyes light up at the White House, the Capitol, the memorials and museums. With everything going on, with all the political strife, the name calling, and the general depressing news, it was great to see the world through the eyes of a 7 and 5 year old. There was so much possibility and promise, and we need more of that in these days ahead.

We arrived home to our garden overflowing, and that end of summer joy that comes from so many days toiling in the dirt. I love this time of year, when the sun takes on a lingering golden hue, when that slight chill creeps in at twilight, when the harvest has come and the fruits and vegetables are stacked on the kitchen counter. There is a moment every day when I can feel the shift in the earth becoming stronger, where that depth of summer heat is letting go, and making way for cooler seasons ahead.

These are the days when we barely come indoors between sun up and sun down. When our feet dangle in the water and all of our meals are taken creek side. It is the time that I want to freeze, or find a way to bottle so that my kids will always remember how much fun we had. Oh how I wish we could. For now we will just have to enjoy each moment, and savor these days outdoors.

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