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August 2011 - Shivaya Naturals

August 2011

We have been hard at work putting the final touches on the Autumn edition of Rhythm of The Home. As the heat of summer begins to fade, so many of us look forward to the projects, recipes and activities that this time of year inspires us to create. We hope that you enjoy this small preview, and join us bright and early Thursday morning as this new edition goes live!

Martinmas Lantern Bunting

Flannel Doll: First Sewing Project

Backcountry Baby

Simple Baking: Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Wool Acorn Necklaces

Carving Wood with My Son

A Story of the First Thanksgiving and a Recipe for Stone Soup

Little House Shawl

Pirate Play

The Batch Cooking Group: Cooking Large for Family and Friends



It is hard for me to believe that this little one

Has become this little one
Landon turned six months last week, and we celebrated with a first meal, and a millionth hug. I have said it so many time before, but my goodness time flies. I remember those first months of his pregnancy so vividly, those first few moments of holding him, and all the thoughts and blessings that I laid onto that sweet head the first time we “met”. 
It feels like just a moment in my life has gone, and a lifetime has passed before me since he arrived. Having 5.5 years between Elwood and Landon gave Joel and I so much more perspective as this little one has come into our lives. We know that slowing down isn’t an option, that our time with him (and the other boys), moves so fast. We know the things that we can let go of, like the dog licking him, or eating an ant on the floor, and the things that we should hold so dear, like reading him a story every night before bed, savoring those extra ten minutes that we might be able to steal away to just rock him.
Landon has given us so much time to reflect on Jacob and Elwood as well. My he looks like a combination of both of them, and the memory of their early lives has been so strong these past months. I remember how open and awake (literally and figuratively) Jacob was in those first years, seeking out the world that awaited him. I remember that Elwood thought that those first meals were there for the pleasure of throwing across the room, and our walls were an open invitation to color on. I remember the details, something that has faded as they have gotten older and I have been immersed in the lives of (almost) 8 and 6 year old boys. 
My dear friend Valarie recently inscribed a message to Jacob, Elwood and Landon on the inside of her beautiful first book The Fox Diaries“. In it she said “Just like my foxes, I’ve watched you grow little by little”. That statement has given me great pause, because that is a joy that I share. This online world of ours has seen many babies come, grow, and explore their world. We have shared so many thoughts for each other, prayers, blessings, laughs and cries. I have savored every moment of these past 6 months, and I have felt so much gratitude towards all of the blessings that you have brought to my boy’s lives over the past 4 years (yes, 4!!). I hope that one day they will be able to look upon the hundreds of comments for their well being and happiness and smile as much as I do. 
Hat and booties beautifully knit by Stephinie
For today, we have a baby entering into a very full time. There are so many adventures to come in these next few months, so many firsts. I am excited to be there as he grows, and to share his joy with all of you. 
For those who have come through Irene, my family and I are keeping you in our thoughts. Be well my friends, and many blessings for this beautiful week ahead.