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June 2011

Bubbles for Isabelle

June 27, 2011

For a brave and beautiful mother, for a precious little girl, for an unthinkable amount of heartache.

Bubbles for Isabelle is an incredible tribute to the short life of a little girl. I never met Isabelle, but I have thought of her mother every day for the past week. If ever there was a moment where I felt the power of the internet, it is right now. 
If you have a jar of bubbles anywhere near by, take a moment, take a picture, and help a child in need. 


What They Will Remember

June 21, 2011

Photo by Jacob Fontenot, 2010

Lately I have been reflecting on what it is that my children will remember of me, of our lives, of their childhood. Having Landon has started the process of raising a young one all over again, especially as Jacob was just saying goodbye to those early, formative years.

I wonder, what will they remember? Will they remember the thousands of paintings, drawings, sculptures and sketches that we created, or will they simply take away a love and respect for art?

Will they remember every mess they made in the kitchen, every spill, concoction, and dish that we created, or will a familiar taste in a cafe far away bring up the joy of cooking in their childhood home?

Will they remember every hike, every trail, every new path set in the outdoors, or will they simply find solace with Mother Nature?

I want them to remember it all, to catalog it for them and to never let go of the memories, but that is not how life works. They can’t take it all with them, nor can I, but I am hoping that we have created enough love and joy in their lives that as they go forward they will always be wrapped in a sense of happiness at how their childhood was spent.

My mom may not have written a blog, she may not have had access to the recipes, stories, crafts, and sharing that I do with so many amazing women, but my childhood is so full of simple joy. My stories, when told, are always told from the kitchen, the art table, and the outdoors. I don’t remember every new place that she ever took me, but I remember with such fondness her love of sharing new and exciting places. I don’t remember every recipe she came up with, but nothing fills my heart with more peace than when I make a dish from her cookbook. I don’t remember every book she read me, but I am so grateful for her love of reading.

I am learning, slowly, that we do not have to be everything at every moment for our children in order for their childhood to be fulfilling. It is the special moments, and the every day moments that make up a life. When I look back, it is the slow moving days, the quiet hugs, the gentle words spoken that I remember most.

I ask myself every day how I can be more, do more, accomplish more, but I think that I am beginning to realize that is not the end goal. It is creating enough quiet moments, enough simple time for my family that will help me create the life that we all need.


I am so pleased to have a piece in the newest edition of Bamboo Magazine on the Summer Solstice. I wish you each many blessings on this special and beautiful day. Happy Summer!