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April 2011 - Shivaya Naturals

April 2011

My mom gave us a gift recently that has caused quite a spark in my kitchen. A juicer has made it’s way into our lives for the first time, and I have to admit that I was super skeptical at first. We have always used a blender, and our daily green smoothies, while chunky, were still pretty darn good.

We are once again experimenting with the foods we eat and how they effect us (especially our oldest who has to contend with celiac disease), and we have recently tried taking out all bottled juices from our diet. I put my skepticism aside and the first day this large appliance graced our kitchen, we made a batch of carrot, apple and ginger juice. Much to my amazement, my kiddos drank a 12 oz glass each, and begged for more. Now my mornings are filled with little ones who find juicing carrots to perhaps be the highlight of their day.

I know that our health is an evolving process, but my hope is that by experimenting with raw juicing, we will add another layer to our well being. If nothing else, at least this experience has given me a good laugh when Elwood declares in no uncertain terms that he will not eat raw carrots, but he will drink them. What ever floats their boat.

Wishing you a weekend full of goodness.


Right Now I Am: Ready

April 29, 2011

I have loved every moment of the past nine weeks. The quiet (as quiet as life with three boys can be) that a baby moon gives. The quiet of a newborn breathing. The quiet moments of nursing and the sweet mama milk breath that lingers. The quiet of a new life taking shape. 
I promised myself with this child that I would stay in the quiet for as long as I could, savoring every moment. I promised myself that I wouldn’t miss a moment, no matter how much my old ways came calling. Surprisingly, they didn’t. My sewing machine stayed under cover, my knitting needles hidden, and my kitchen empty. I fully accepted the kindest of friends who have cooked, family who have helped, and a husband who has taken on much more than I ever thought he could handle. 
My little newborn is growing into a baby, and the comfort of the quiet is receding. In it’s place are so many adventures waiting to happen. His first trip to the park, his first hike, his first pots and pans jam session while I make dinner. I want to force this moment to stay, force the quiet to remain, but try as I might he will grow up.
You know when one stage of life is transitioning into another, and I can feel that so firmly upon me. I see the earth waking up, and with it there is a renewed sense of returning to the things that I left behind for this small amount of time: This space, my kitchen, my creativity. I am sad to leave the cocoon of our room, of our covers, but I am excited to show this little one just what awaits him.