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December 2010 - Shivaya Naturals

December 2010

A Year in Reflection

December 31, 2010

This year has gone by in an instant. So much has happened, so much accomplished, so much given and received. There is not a moment that I do not cherish, not a moment that I am not grateful for. Today, as I put on my party shoes and clutch my newly sewn evening bag, I leave this year as a mother of two, and say hello to the next as a mama of three. I have no resolutions to ponder, just an openness to whatever comes.

There have been moments of difficulty, but as I stand on the verge of a new decade, all that I can feel is excitement. Excitement at all that there is to learn, to grow in, to experience. For the first time in a long time, life feels so very whole. I feel that the struggles on this past decade have yielded the most beautiful results, and I am forever grateful for all of the lessons learned. I leave this year peacefully, and step with excitement into the coming unknown.

Happy New Year my sweet friends, and THANK YOU for sharing part of your journey with me. Your encouragement, your guidance and your well wishes have been so powerful, and much needed. I wish you a wonderful and safe New Year.


On Mornings

December 29, 2010

 I never expected to be gone so long from this space, but I am beginning to realize that the exhale that comes after the holidays is a much needed respite from the craziness of the season.

Yesterday, as my oldest son and I were lazily lounging in bed, Jacob revealed that his favorite time of day was the quiet of the mornings, and it was this time of day that kept him feeling his most safe and happy. I am not sure why, but his sentiment really surprised me. I was taken aback that this was sacred time for him, mainly because I figured that his favorite time was the quiet that the evenings hold: The warm bath, honey muffins, tea and snuggling that end each of our days.

There is nothing incredibly special about our mornings. They start early, always with both boys rising from sleep somewhere in between their dad and I, reading books, making meals, and quietly starting our day together. I love mornings, and they set the tone for the way I act the rest of the day, so rarely are there early morning appointments or things to rush around for. I look to the morning as the in breath that we take collectively, and that begins the unspoken rhythm that will evolve throughout the rest of the day.  

Mornings seem made for quiet, for simplicity, and for joy, and hearing the importance that they hold for my kids makes me realize that starting a day together can have a much bigger impact than I realized on all of us. As a mama, these will be the moments that I will hold closest to my heart as my children grow and life takes on a different feel. As they stop crawling in beside me to say Good Morning, as they find their own breakfast or rush off to school, I will remember these days as the ones that greeted their early childhood, and hope that they too will remember them as they journey out into the open world.