Tutorial Tuesday: Halloween Tulle Ghost

October 19, 2010

Somehow it feels like time has just flown by in recent weeks. Halloween is fast approaching, and with it I have two very excited little boys. Dress up is always a favorite activity in our house, and Halloween allows for an entire day of staying in costume, visiting with friends, and having as silly a day as is possible.

Decorating for this holiday has always been a highlight of the boy’s year, especially Jacob. Every corner of the house seems to be filled with homemade bat and ghost cutouts, every pumpkin candle has it’s very specific place on the mantle, and much care is taken in selecting where the Halloween blankets and pillows are put. The boys have decorated not only the main part of the house, but their bedroom as well (did I mention that after 7 and 5 years, my boys moved to their own room last week? Big steps for the wee ones!). It is truly a holiday of just pure fun, and I always enjoy seeing their faces light up with each passing day.

Last year the boys attended a Halloween party of a friend who truly knows how to decorate, and her house was filled with these wonderful Tulle ghosts that really turned her space into something special. As a parting gift, Dani gave the boys each a ghost to take home, and there they stayed on our mantle until we were almost nearing Christmas.

This year I purchased 15 yards of white Tulle and decided to recreate the ghosts for both the inside and outside of our house. We had a ball putting these together, and I love how much a part of this craft the kiddos can be. A simple bag of white balloons, some white and black ribbon, a sharpie, a few tacks and some Tulle and we have all that we need to create a dozen fun flying ghosties through our walls.


15 Yards of Tulle
One spool of black ribbon
One spool of white ribbon
One package of white balloons (12 count or above)
12 tacks

Begin by cutting your fabric into 9-12 pieces of equal length.

Blow up your balloons to the desired size, and using a sharpie draw any type of face you would like (we have a variety of scary, sweet and happy faces flying about our house)

Determine the center of your fabric and drape over your ghostly balloon face. Using a piece of black ribbon, tie a bow around the neck of your ghost.

In order to make a long tie for the top of the ghost to hang, simply string a piece of white ribbon through the center top of your fabric and tie a knot.

Hang as many of these ghostly creatures through your home and outside trees as you can manage, and enjoy a spooky and fun holiday.

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