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August 2010

The Office

August 27, 2010

All of you know that as often as I can, I try and use my bed as an office. What is it about the sleeping babes, the cool sheets, the pillows and pj’s that helps me reach my creative mojo? OK, maybe creative is the wrong word. Perhaps productive or effective is more like it.

Whatever the case, as I sit here and look at the computer and the books, and the children, the dog and the laundry, I also have to admit that as cozy as this picture may seem, life has not been quite this peaceful lately. Battling morning sickness, a new edition to the magazine, homeschooling, and writing the blog is certainly leaving me trying to figure out rhythm and balance once again.

I have learned something though which has kind of surprised me; I don’t want to give any of it up (except the violent vomiting, that I will gladly leave behind). I love everything about the life that I have created, I just want to learn to balance it better. I have no interest in being Super Mom, or Super Woman, but I do want to live life to its fullest, and I want to gather in all the possibilities that is has to offer. I also am beginning to see the bigger picture that within the dream of doing all of these things I love lurks the time drain of the computer, the television and the cell phone.

How is is possible that three beautiful things that seemingly were given to me to make life easier, have now become the time draining black holes of my existence?

Oh but for the love of Twitter and Facebook and Stumble Upon and Flickr and Networked Blogs and………. The list goes on and on doesn’t it? I think that for right now I am going to write the blogs, and on the magazine, and spend my days with my kids, and set my limits on my computer, and knit as often as possible, and play with pretty fabric, and just BE. I love technology, maybe too much, but I think of all the creative, productive things I could be doing without it and it kind of makes me cry.

My boys came in the other day and excitedly screamed at me to come to see what they had created. In their beautiful playroom they had piles of paperwork, a shoe box as their computer, a paper Blackberry and iPhone, and a basket of work to complete. I kid you not, when I asked them what they were playing, their answer was “Job” (their father works about 15 hours a day). “We have a lot of work to do now mama, we will be here all afternoon”. My only response “Boys, get your coats on, we are going out to play”.

Life seems too darn short to waste the good moments searching on the Internet for the perfect day, rather than just living it.


A Taste of Autumn

August 26, 2010

Currently as I write this, it is about 90 degrees with a slated temperature rise of up to around 98 by weeks end. Sitting in this heat makes it a bit hard for me to believe that Autumn is just around the corner. Soon the smells of burning leaves, and the crisp chill will fill the air. The leaves will make their slow turn, and the colors of orange, red and yellow will dominate.

Most of you know how I dream of Autumn. It is my season, my favorite season. I am a warm weather gal, that is for sure, but I love the cool down of autumn that makes you feel so fully present in your own body and space.

In just 6 days, Rhythm of The Home will launch it’s Autumn edition, and Bernadette, Julia and I are so excited to see this special edition come together. Each edition of this past year has held such a spot in our hearts, but this edition in particular is unique because it is the final edition in our first year.

All of you know that the three of us are very passionate about seeing families gathering together to find special and unique ways to celebrate the transition and change of seasons, and we simply could not have done this with out you. Your support and contributions are what makes this magazine so much fun to create, and hopefully special to read.

Below is a small taste of the coming edition, and we hope that it gets you ready for all the fun, care and craftiness that you all created.