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May 2010 - Shivaya Naturals

May 2010

Almost There!

May 30, 2010

Only 2 days until the Summer Edition of Rhythm of the Home is published!

We have been feverishly working to make this issue the best yet. And thanks to all of our amazing contributors we are pretty sure that it is. We have filled it’s pages with so many fun projects, articles, recipes, interviews, and of course…tons of pictures. There is sure to be something for everyone.

So today we leave you with a final sneak peek to tide you ( and us ) over until Tuesday.

Margarita Pie 1

hanging mint

See you then!


Oh how I wish that I had something witty or cool to share with you today. At the moment I am locked away with my computer, engaged in near constant Skype conversations with Bernadette and Julia (how much do I love Skype??? It is amazing), loading the last edits into Rhythm of The Home. My husband is starting to become concerned about the state of my unwashed hair, especially since in about 8 hours I have to look perky and charming as we welcome a brood of his friends to stay with us for Memorial Day (awesome timing!).

I have to say that I am proud of us, because we are way ahead of where we normally are at this point in the magazine. Perhaps the process is actually starting to find it’s own rhythm and flow? It is also a bit mind boggling, since in an effort to have a longer period of time to edit each edition, we are taking submissions for the next edition much earlier this time. Julia and I were laughing last night that June 2nd is going to prove to be a very busy day, as we go into high gear for Autumn.

One small thing that I have loved over these past few days is watching my garden begin to bloom. I have been thinking a lot about the space that my family shares together, and how we can make it work to fulfill our needs. On Tuesday, we were talking about nurturing over at The Mindful Connection, and I mentioned that as much as I would love to find more land and grow more of our own food, right now it is not something that we can handle. My husband travels a large amount of time, and he can’t leave his job any time in the near future.

While we may not be able to join in on the idea of homesteading, I want to try and find a way to take our very suburban neighborhood home, and create as much of a garden for my children as possible. In the past, we have just used two raised beds on our side yard to grow what we can, and I have been conservative about what I grow there, not knowing how to use this small space to grow things like squashes, pumpkins, etc.

This year, I just decided to go for it. We built two new small beds, one exclusively for the children, and by the children, and then we added in a second bed on the ground below the other two.

I have to admit that I have no idea what I am doing in so many ways. This is going to be a test year, to see if the pumpkins will grow over the raised beds, and vine down in a way that will not overtake anything else. It is test to see where and how the beans will do, if the artichokes that so loved the wet soil of last year might still survive if the season turns to it’s hot and dry norm. We have planted rows of corn and tomatoes, whiskey barrels full of herbs and mints, and rows and rows of Colorado sunflowers.

I have literally no idea what we can expect, except to just enjoy the process. My husband and I often talk about the fact that we did not make a good choice in where we wanted to raise our little ones in their early years, and as we explore making a change, we know it will be a long time to come before that happens. We also have come to learn that we can use every inch of land that we have to create a more sustainable life, and to enjoy what we have. It has been a difficult lesson, but a great one as well. We are taking more trips to the farmers markets and find more farms to help out with, and we are beginning to feel much more satisfied in our space (though farm fresh eggs out the back door still sounds so nice).

A few days back, the boys and I made bean necklaces with a group of friends that had come over to play. I love how easy these are to make, and they are great party favors for little ones for any celebration. The kids planted their sprouted beans yesterday, and I will let you know how they grow

To begin, gather a piece of natural wool, or an unbleached cotton ball (I actually prefer the cotton ball, it retains moisture better), a piece of ribbon or string, a small sealable plastic bag, and a bean for growing in the garden.

Wet your wool or cotton, place your bean in the center, and wrap the wool/cotton tightly around it.

Place it into the plastic bag, remove the air and seal. punch a hole in the top of the bag, and tie it around your child’s neck. In about two days, the bean will sprout and can be planted in the garden.