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March 2010 - Shivaya Naturals

March 2010

So Much Gooodness

March 31, 2010

Happy Wednesday Everyone. I am sorry to be getting to this post so late this morning, but my oldest son fell out of a tree while climbing just before dinner last night, and I overreacted like I assume that most mamas would, and rushed him to the ER. He is, of course, just fine, and was mighty annoyed at me for draggin him away from his beloved tree.

We have some really special things going on both over at Rhythm of The Home, both with the magazine and the blog. First, a huge thank you to Julia for all that she is doing in bringing wonderful projects, interviews and posts to the blog. Julia has literally taken the reins, and Bernadedtte and I are loving getting up every morning to read what Julia has created.

Over on the blog today is a wonderful project from Anglea Mobley, who gives us a tutorial for making Wet Felted Chicks. This is a perfect project for Spring, and goes perfectly with the Root Children and Sprouted Basket projects from the Spring edition of the magazine.

Speaking of the magazine, our April Surprise is up! We thought we would post this project today, just to give a little extra time to everyone for dying up their Easter eggs.

Nicola gives us a gorgeous tutorial for dying our Easter eggs naturally, using such ingredients as blueberries, strawberries and onion skins. The colors and textures that she achieves are incredible, and the boys and I are heading out to get what we need this afternoon, to enjoy an end of week project.

To add to the goodness, Nicola also surprises us with a little treat at the end, and a perfect way to use up all the leftover fruit once the dying is done.

And just to add to all the above, Lisa DeNardo from Earthmama stopped into the blog yesterday to give us our first guest blog post, and I can not say enough about the subject. Lisa’s discussion on Innate Knowledge was something that I had been thinking about a lot lately, and I really appreciate her sharing her insights with us.

We hope that you enjoy all of the additions and changes that we have been making at Rhythm of The Home, and we wish you a very Happy Spring.


A Work in Design

March 30, 2010

I have no idea what to say about your incredible words from yesterday’s post. I learned so much, and felt a real connection to how seriously so many families are effected by food issues. Thank you for all that you have said, and how open you were to telling your story as well. To keep the dialogue going, I want to answer the comments in a public way, so I will do so later this evening once my little ones are asleep for the night.

I think that somewhere in the past few weeks I must have mentioned my design books on this blog. I have been getting a lot of emails asking me what they look like, what I use them for, and how they help.

Since as far back as I can remember, I have carried a small journal of some kind to record thoughts or ideas that popped into my head. Last year, my friend Stacy had a journal made for me, and it has refillable notebooks that just slip inside the side pockets.

For the past year, that journal has never left me. I have it in my purse, my backpack, my hands, something, always. Ideas for posts, for articles, for projects, are scribbled everywhere, and while I think that it would be impossible for anyone to figure out what I am actually saying in it, it still feels like one of the only things that truly shows who I am creatively.

Inside of the journal, I carry a blank Moleskin sketch book that serves as the place where all of my sewing and other craft designs are dreamed up and played with. I do rough sketches of anything that pops into my head, and just let the pencil run free to see where it takes me. I find inspiration in just about everything, and it is amazing how seeing a puzzle, or a bird, or a a piece of fabric can bring a whole variety of ideas to mind.

Someone recently asked me what my background in sewing was, and it is just about as basic as can be. I learned to sew a while back, hated it, but loved knitting and crocheting. I really only came back to sewing about 5 years ago, when I realized that all of a sudden, there were some amazing fabrics out there to enjoy, and there was an endless possibility of things to use them for.

I love to sew, and it occupies a pretty large piece of my daily creativity, but I have to say that I love the play in design just as much. I am terrible at math, at drafting, etc, but yet I feel much more competent when I have my book in hand.

I remember asking my father, when I was pretty young, how he got so smart, and he told me he read. That was really as simple as he answered me. He just read and learned, and he enjoyed every moment of it. That is kind of how I feel about sewing, knitting, etc. I played with sewing until I figured it out, and it was fun. I carry my books around with me, because I love to be inspired, and I love to have fun figuring out what new things I can come up with and enjoy. I also, however, believe that sewing, and most other crafts as well, are completely accessible to everyone, which I think is one reason that we all feel bonded together by seeing what each other creates. Being creative is something that we all can accomplish, we just have to find what we love doing, that we feel inspiration from.

If there is one thing that I am figuring out, it is that you can be good at a lot of things, but if you don’t enjoy doing them, then success never really comes. I love dying yarn so much, seeing the colors come together, and playing every day with the way that they blend to achieve an endless possibility of fun, but oh my goodness, I despise running a business. I can freely admit that I was just not that great at doing much more than the creative side of yarn dying, and that I came close to complete failure when I tried to reach beyond my limits. Funny how I thought that something that I enjoyed doing, meant that I could do it under any circumstances.

Journaling, writing, drawing and sketching have helped me to really figure out what I love and get from the crafting that I do, and where I want to take it. When I look back on my words from the last year, I can see that my heart lies foremost, at this point in my life, with my sewing machine, and that for some reason, my knitting is not as strong in my life as it used to be. I find that to be fascinating, because I have that never really been a conscious thought, but I can see it clearly when I looks at my own words.

Having a space to let your mind find it’s own design style is great fun, and my kids have recently taken to carrying their own design books with them as well. I love the idea that they are learning that anything that they can see, hear, touch, taste or smell can awaken their creative imagination. I hope that it is a lesson that they never forget.