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February 2010


February 25, 2010

If you homeschool, or unschool your children, and you are interested in participating in a series here next week, please leave a comment at the end of this post, and I will contact you over the weekend

Simplicity is a word that I cherish, and that I should probably have tattooed to my forehead. I crave it, I strive for it, but I am not always the best at achieving it (which I think is honestly a common curse of parenting).

Sarah, at the amazing Bee House Hives, tagged me yesterday to share ten simple things that make me happy. I have spent some real time thinking about this, because I want to keep the list with me, and pull it out when I need a reminder about just how lucky I have it. Thanks Sarah

:: My kids sleepy smiles
:: A long conversation, a good friend, and a great meal
:: Exploring someplace new
:: A long hike
:: Laughing, really laughing
:: Meeting new people
:: Wisdom
:: A hug from my parents
:: The last kiss from my husband at night
:: Candlelight
:: Fresh Strawberries

I am supposed to pass this on to ten people, but I have decided to do one better (or, so I hope).

Simply share your list of ten things that bring you simple happiness, and I will enter you into a drawing for Jennifer Louden’s book, The Woman’s Retreat book. I have had a copy for many years, and it has been a big part of reminding me to live simply, with intention, and to always take time for simple nurturing.

I know that I don’t do many giveaways, but I believe in this book, and I want to share it with you. If you have already been tagged, simply leave a link to your post below, and you will be entered. Also , for anyone who comments here, feel free to post your list back to your blog, and tag others.

I will announce the winner on Sunday.


Embracing Time

February 24, 2010

A friend who reads this blog asked me yesterday if I was taking a break from creating. Right now, I am not sure that anything could be further from the truth. Bernadette and I are just days away from launching the Spring edition of Rhythm of The Home, and it feels like every moment that I am not with my children, I am in my sewing room, knitting on the needles, or taking photographs. The only bad part is that I can’t share it for another five days.

This second edition has been amazing, but such an incredible amount of work. We are really lucky to have so many talented contributors, and there is a great variety of projects, recipes, celebrations, etc.

No matter how much we love this magazine, and it is a major part of our lives, this last week is, and I am sure always will be, very rough. Sleep will be precious and rare until Monday morning.

A few days back, I read a post from my dear friend Mary that I can not get out of my head. In it she describes letting go of her time wasters, and embracing her time enrichers. It has really made me stop and think about the choices that I make every day, and what truly brings me joy.

For Lent, Mary has chosen to give up her time wasters, which I just think is such a neat idea (I always tried to give up spinach, or liver, but my mother would hear nothing of it). I think that being able to identify and let go of the things that drain us, and embrace the things that bring us joy is so important to living a fulfilling life.

For me, I feel like my time wasters are not always the things that are common place. I find I waste the most time on things like fear, anger and jealously.

The fear that my children are not learning enough, not social enough, not happy enough. The anger at the state of the world, an illness to confront, or needing to let go of people who are not in my life for positive reasons. The jealousy of not feeling good enough, or successful enough.
These are my time wasters.

For me, embracing a time enricher would be to not dismiss those feelings, but to simply acknowledge them, and be able to see the blessings through them. To realize that my children are happy, that the world is still an inherently good place, and that I am right where I am supposed to be.

Letting go of so much computer time, and spending the entire day with my children, or creating something special, or being out doors. Realizing that people are not always placed in our lives for eternity, and that letting go is a part of being a good friend. Knowing that success is only ever going to be defined by how many times in a day I truly laugh. These are time enhancers

Chocolate. Chocolate is a time enhancer

Slowing down. Letting my favorite spot be my office, making great food in the middle of the day because I deserve it, taking a nap with my children and loving every minute of it. These are time enhancers.

Reading a great book, getting out and seeing the world that is right around me, starting every day with my yoga practice, enjoying a good cup of tea. These are time enhancers.

So, in the middle of a busy week, in which I feel fulfilled bringing together so many amazing people and their incredible talent, I stop and reread a book that changed me as a mother many years ago. My boys and I go into the kitchen and make a fun soup and drink out of mugs instead of bowls. We stay in our pajamas, and I bring my work time to my sleepy spot, to soak up the daylight and the comfort.

These are time enhancers.