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December 2009

A Forever Treasure

December 29, 2009

Have you ever been given something that has so much meaning, and so much magic, that it changes a little piece of you?

On Christmas morning, I woke to the idea, as I always do, that this was a day for my children. I sometimes forget that I am a child too, and that being a parent is never something that you stop enjoying. I know that now, because of my mother’s expression when I reached for the bag with my name on it, and found inside one of the most treasured of gifts.

Three years ago, my mom started knitting me an afghan. I really had no idea that she was close to being done, and it was just one of those shocks that takes your breath away. Even though I had seen her knitting it, and even though I knew how beautiful it was, I just didn’t realize the power that it would hold for me.

I treasure my mother (and my dad to). My mom is my world, and she has made every moment of my life so amazing. What she gave me, I know that she just wanted me to have something to always keep me warm and safe, and something that she knew would always keep her close.

Her words were so powerful for me, because I know that they are true. I know that every time she sat down and picked up her needles, she wove together all of her hopes and dreams for me, and then sealed them with her love. No one can ever take that away from me, it stays with me through my life. Hopefully I can find a way to pass down to my children the love that she so willingly gives to me everyday.


So Much To Enjoy

December 28, 2009

When you come to a space like this every day, it seems strange to take a step back and a few days break. I really enjoyed the holiday, and it was wonderful to be with my family for a much needed rest together, but I still missed gathering here with all of you.

It is so hard for me to believe that after all of our discussions, planning, and sharing of ideas, the holidays are coming to a close. Christmas Day was so much fun, and I so love that my boys are now old enough to really get into all aspects of the holiday. It seemed to all fly by this year, and now here we are, just days before the year turns.

For Christmas this year, we decided that it would be fun for the boys to finally get into the mountains, and onto skis. My husband has been an avid snowboarder for many years, and he has been patiently waiting for the day that I would agree to let the boys join in on the fun. Their eyes lit up like nothing I had ever seen at the two sets of skis, helmets, and goggles that sat under the tree (a gift from their Grammie and Papa).

Thankfully we had a ton of snow fall just days before Christmas (as I hear so many of you did as well), and there is a small hill near our home that was perfect for their first few runs.

As is always the case, my oldest strapped on those skis, and took to the challenge head-on. Jacob scares me to death, because he has such fierce determination, and very little sense of fear. The combination led him to create a jump after his fifth turn down the hill, and he had managed to nail it before he came in on that first night. I really think that his teenage years may kill me.

Not to say that he found this new sport to be without it’s down sides too

My husband also gifted the boys with a neat old-time wooden sleigh that he found in a thrift store, and that has gotten a lot of use on that same hill. I myself found a ton of joy on this sled, especially since it does not ride at all like the plastic ones that I am so use to.

The days leading up to Christmas were so full of gift making, that I was pretty sure that I was going to look down to find a pair of cute little elf shoes adorning my feet. I had a ton of fun creating for my family, and it was amazing to not really step into a store this entire holiday season.

The most cherished piece created was a last-minute pillow that I made for my mom. I had been working on the design for a few weeks, and I had so wanted to get to it before the big day, but I feared that the time was simply not going to be there. Two days before Christmas, with a lot of coffee in hand, I sat down to give it a try.

I think that what I love most about this pillow is it’s simplicity. I was originally thinking of doing a colored background, but I am really pleased with the green leaves on crisp white fabric. This was a fun piece that again mixed fabric painting with embroidery and sewing. I now have three more designs ready to be put together, and I do believe that pillow making may take a big part of my sewing time over the next few weeks. Thank you to Larissa for the easy envelope pillow backing tutorial. I think that I will never back a pillow any other way again.

I think that our children’s obsession with music is finally out, as they were gifted with a Native American flute, two recorders, a clarinet and a trumpet. As my youngest said to me as I was putting him to bed yesterday, “Mama, tomorrow I am going to wake you up really early for the musical parade. I hope that you look pretty”.

It was a wonderful weekend that will be very cherished, and to be honest, a little missed. This quiet time with my family has been so needed, and I hesitate to let it go. We have a few more days to come together and enjoy the season, and I look forward to savoring every moment.

I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday, and that you enjoy these last few days of 2009.