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November 2009 - Shivaya Naturals

November 2009

We Are Just So Close

November 30, 2009

It is hard for me to believe, but when I wake up tomorrow morning, Rhythm of The Home will be live. After so much time working, planning and designing, it is really here.

This is a project that I could not be more proud of, or more excited to see develop and grow over the years. So many of you have contributed, and I can not thank you enough for your hard work.

There is still much to be done over these next twelve hours, so I am signing off for now. I feel like I have been absent for the last few days, and I am excited to settle back into a normal routine tomorrow.

Here is just a teaser of two of the projects that I created. Enjoy!


This is truly one of my favorite weekends of the year. I think that I love Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday because of their strong tie to family, friends and traditions. Over this weekend, my family and I brought in all the boxes of decorations that we have collected, or that have been passed down to us through the generations, and got to work on transforming our home into a winter wonderland.

The music fills the house, the fire is lit, and while my husband takes his twinkle lights outside to light up the night, I stay inside and place each trinket in it’s proper place. Of course, the children run between us with such excitement that it is hard to keep them contained.

The holidays last for such a short period of time, and though that is as it should be, I can never soak up enough of the beauty and celebration that this time of year brings.

As we moved through our decorating, the boys reminded me of the yearly tradition that they had waited all day for, Hot chocolate! Yes, our day is not complete unless hot chocolate has been served, outside, amid the lights that daddy has hung. For the little ones, there is freshly made hot chocolate with honey whipped cream, and for the adults? Well, the adults worked hard, and so therefore should be able to sit under the stars and enjoy a well deserved Holiday Hot Chocolate

Holiday Hot Chocolate

4 T of hot chocolate, or about 1/3 of a cup of chocolate chips (my favorite) per person
For each cup:
1 shot of Ghirardelli White Chocolate Liquor and 1 shot of peppermint schnapps.
This is not a very strong drink, even with the two shots (I swear)

Top with homemade whip cream; For this drink, I make my whip cream with 2 T of confectioners sugar and 1 shot of Ghirardelli white chocolate liquor.
For an extra special treat, top with chocolate curl

Once your cup is empty, my recommendation is to crawl under the covers with a few good holiday books and tuck the little ones in to dream about sugar plums, snow men, and fun