October 2009


October 23, 2009

So, to say that right now I am feeling overwhelmed, well that would be an understatement. am loving working on the magazine, and I can not wait to show it to all of you. I am excited about my new blog, which I have been wanting to do for almost a year now, but have been too scared. I am planning to move to WordPress, mainly because I dislike not being able to respond to each of you when you leave a comment. This blog will be down tonight, and then will be back up either tomorrow or Sunday. I will not be moving to WordPress until sometime next week, but this weekend begins the process.

With everything going on, I need a bit of help from all of you. I want to make and freeze a few yummy meals for my family this weekend, but I am in need of some new recipes. I would love for you to leave a comment with your favorite freezable meal, and for every recipe that you leave, I will enter you to win an Off Hand Design clutch bag. I adore the stripes in this bag, and it is perfect for the knitter or sewer who wants to carry their project tools.

I know that I have seriously lacked much in terms of creativity this week, and I appreciate you hanging in there with me. I am excited to get to all our Halloween posts next week, and I hope that you all have a great weekend.

Update: Congratulations to Vanessa, who was chosen through the random number generator.

I can not say thank you enough to all of you for your amazing recipes, and kind words. I am looking forward to a week of cooking.


The Space for Art

October 22, 2009

~ Where there are children, there is art

Lately I have been thinking on how, as parents, we are so blessed to be able to see into the minds of our children through their art. When a child draws, they are letting us in. When a child paints, they are letting us in. When a child sings, they are letting us in. When a child dances, they are letting us in. When a child writes, they are letting us in. Experiencing life through art is what we are born with, it is what helps to guide us.

The above quote came to me last night as I was thinking of how much my children have influenced my creativity. The world that I see is so much more full of color and imagination than it was before they came into my life. How amazing that by allowing me into their creative world, they completely changed mine.

And here I was thinking that I was their teacher. Silly girl Heather, you should know better