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October 2009 - Shivaya Naturals

October 2009

Moving Through It

October 28, 2009

I am not really sure if I should be writing this post, and I already know that the words will not come out well.

I had so hoped to share with you in a few weeks that we were expecting our third child. But yesterday we found out that I had lost the baby. I know that it was early, and that I should know better to not have gotten my hopes up as high as I did. I have had two miscarriages before each of my other children, so I knew the risks, but we had convinced ourselves that this was the one.

I am having a harder time than I thought that I would moving through this, so I am going to take a few days to allow myself to just be sad, and then I will get back up and remember how blessed I already am.

As my son said “It is life mom, it happens.”

Since Wednesdays are for WIP, this is mine. A boat neck baby sweater that I was making for the little one, that I will finish, and that someday a little one of mine will wear.


The Fairy of Dreams

October 26, 2009

The land of dreams is a beautiful and magical place that only children are allowed to visit. Once your eyes have closed for the night, and you drift into sleep, the dream fairy arrives to take you to the lands of magical dreams. The two of you take a long walk through the fields of the Rainbow King, where you play for long hours in the sunshine and flowers. There you meet many other children who are filled with laughter and joy, and who invite you to stay and play for as long as you can.

From there you walk through the lands of the Gnomes and Knights, where you witness some of the bravest souls you could ever meet. Their gallant spirit towards others is courageous and compassionate, and they invite you to come and help those in need for as long as you can.

From there you walk to the land of color and joy, where everything you see and touch is so vibrant and pure that you can do nothing else but stare in wonder at it’s beauty. The artists greet you, and invite you to create a beautiful world with them for long as you can.

Finally, you walk to the land of family and love, and there you see all those who have loved you, and always will. You see your mother and your father and your brother, and your grammie and your papa, and you softly turn to the magical dream fairy, ready to awaken and return.

Softly your eyes open, you turn to the sun, and greet the day.

So go now my love, enjoy and play the night away in the magical land of dreams.

My oldest son has struggled for some time now with trouble sleeping and nervous tension. We think that it might have something to do with the severity of his celiac disease, and how young he was when it developed. Whatever the reason, it has been an issue that we have been slowly working through.

A few weeks back, hours after we had put him to sleep, he was still tossing and turning. I asked him if I could make him some tea, and we sat in bed for a bit and talked. I realized that it was not the dark that scared him, nor the shadows, it was the unknown of where he went once his eyes closed .

Jacob loves stories, especially of magic and fairies and elves. So once the bath has been taken, and the snack eaten, and the teeth brushed, we settle into bed and tell the story of the Magical Land of Dreams. We have been working on storytelling for a while now, and I tried to create a story that used words to encourage him to stay in his dreams (sleeping), for as long as possible. The story varies from time to time, but they seem to love the idea that their dreams are there for them to enjoy, to capture and to savor.

Nicole from Garden Mama had a beautiful post last week on the joys of creating Dream Pillows. It has been the perfect fit into our story telling time, and as the lights go off, the boys inhale the sweet scents of lavender, chamomile and pure wool. The perfect offering to the Fairy of Dreams.

Many of you have asked how I transferred my blog to a custom domain while still keeping my analytics. I followed this wonderful post, and it worked perfectly. I will now be attempting to transfer the blog to WordPress on Friday. Fingers crossed. I will let you know how it goes.
Have a great beginning of your week