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September 2009

Vintage Weekend

September 28, 2009

You know those weekends where you decide that no matter what, you will get through the huge to-do list of projects that you have? You will coach your child’s soccer game, clean your house, finish what is on your sewing machine, and attend two birthday parities. That was supposed to be our weekend, but then the weather decided to be perfect, I mean really perfect, and all of those well laid plans went out the window.

We still coached soccer, and celebrated some beautiful birthdays, but besides that, we did not come indoors until late last night. By then the laundry and the dishes were piled high, my sewing machine was feeling resentment at my absence, and the house had gone from being a bit messy to totally unruly.

What can you do? When you know that these might be the last few days or weeks before the cold weather sets in, and a day outdoors requires six layers and lip balm, you have no choice but to waste the days away with long hikes and hours spent sitting in a sun-filled spot. This time of year is pure perfection, and I don’t intend to miss a minute of it.

One huge highlight of the weekend was attending the Quilt A Fair with Bernadette on Friday.

For those who have never attended a large quilting fair before, be warned, it gets crazy! Oh yeah, we all think of quilting as this wonderfully quiet art, with ladies using large embroidery hoops to applique a sweater, but truly, this is a group of people who will mow you down for a fat quarter of fabric and a 20% off coupon.

I consider Bernadette and I to be pretty mellow, but after a few hours in this fair with four young children, we both felt this strange desire to drink in the middle of the afternoon (we had to settle for a LOT of chocolate).

The fair was a feast for the senses. It was full of amazing fabrics and tremendous quilts, and I could have spent my children’s college fund all in one day.

The best part of the fair were the three beautiful booths filled with vintage sewing items. In all the time that I have been visiting fabric and quilt shows, I have actually never seen this kind of selection of vintage goods. Threads, needles, patterns, books, thimbles, buttons, etc. It was glorious.

Oh my poor babes, they were exhausted. They hung in their for us, managed to not wander away even once, and declared that they will never attend another show again.

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!


Happiness Is…..

September 25, 2009

Warm banana bread with milk chocolate chips

Fresh pesto from the garden harvest

My favorite apple butter, infusing the morning with the aroma of Autumn.

Slow Cooker Apple Butter

8 Granny smith or other apples cored peeled and sliced
1 C. sweetened, dried cranberries
4 Tbls. Brown Sugar, Packed
1 tsp. cinnamon
3/4 tsp. nutmeg
1 C. water
Combine all ingredients in crock pot. Cook on LOW for 6hrs. Use a potato masher or a hand-blender to mix or mash until the sauce is the desired texture

What brings you happiness today?