What an Honor

July 7, 2009

Yesterday, Kim from Big Sky Mountain Designs awarded my blog with the Honest Scrap Award. It just made my day all around. I love writing this blog, I love getting up every day and thinking of interacting with many people that inspire me and make me laugh and cry. Thank you to Kim for the honor.

Now it is my turn. I have to divulge ten honest things about myself, and then pass this wonderful award on to someone whose blog and content I think is brilliant!

So here goes

1) I really would like to have a daughter. I love my sons more then life, but I would like to experience raising both.

2) I love school. I would stay in school permanently if I could.

3) I have seen every episode of the original Beverly Hills 90210, twice (I just loved that show in high school).

4) I am much more of an adrenaline junkie then people know.

5). I really don’t like to exercise, but I love to eat, so it is a necessity.

6) My parents are honestly the closest friends that I have.

7) I am scared to death about ever losing my children.

8) I have to do something creative everyday, or else I am just in a bad mood.

9). I love spiders. Bugs of all kinds. I use my children as a way of pretending that I “have” to hold them, but really, I just love insects.

10) I believe that people are inherently good, all people, and that we each deserve the chance to be the best versions of ourselves.

Finally, I am awarding this honor to the following amazing bloggers

Kim at Big Sky Mountain
Erin at House on Hill Road
Beki at Arts Crafty Babe
Suzy at Hip Mountain Mama
Larissa at Stitches in Play
Bernadette at Sugar in My Bowl
Stacy at Stacy Z Photography
Jules at Jules in Search of Contentment
Kyndale Earthy Crunchy

These women represent many different facets of the inspiration that I look for everyday. Kim is one of the most amazing knitting designers, and she actually sells a few select pieces that she knits and designs (her layette pieces are AMAZING). Erin’s blog is full of beautiful photographs and sewing projects and she has a ton of helpful hints. Beki has some out of this world sewing patterns, and her blog is an inspiration for any crafter. Suzy and her family are doing an unbelievable job of educating as many families as they can reach about the necessity of using safe and natural products in their homes. Larissa’s blog always fills me with joy, and her original sewing tutorials are always easy, spot on, and so much fun to create. Bernadette is a creative mama who is incredibly honest about the trials and tribulations of finding one’s way through the world of parenting young children, while still finding time to be the person you love. Jules is a beautiful mama whose creative spirit I love reading about, and whose life with children I can relate so fully to. Kyndale’s blog is one of the most diverse I read on a daily basis. Her life is lived fully, and she brings that to her blog in a powerful way. And finally, Stacy, who in my opinion captures the art of life like no one else. Her photographs move me in many ways, and her quest to find herself through her art is remarkable.

I would encourage everyone to participate in giving honors to those that inspire them and bring them joy. There really is no better gift that we can give to someone then to tell them that we think that they rock!

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julesinseach July 7, 2009 at 7:26 pm

Well, you certainly surprised me with this!
Your compliments are echoed in my head for you.
I love your list of honesty. I'm psyched to come up with my own and pass the award on.



beki July 9, 2009 at 1:36 pm

Thanks so much for the honor! I'm also thrilled to have discovered some new blogs through your honorees.


earthycrunchy July 9, 2009 at 1:39 pm

I am so honored because I think you are so cool. I am actually crying right now. In a good way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂 I am excited to write my list and pass it on!

Thank you for your list. I bet it was really hard to put it all together.


Kim July 9, 2009 at 11:46 pm

awwww, you are so sweet. well, i love peeking at your blog all the time (it was actually the updates thru flickr that kept me connected!). i can't wait to check out the blogs you rewarded.


Heather July 10, 2009 at 3:10 pm

You all inspire me so fully, and I was glad to honor all of you


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