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July 2009

Messy Messy Messy

July 28, 2009

I had a different blog post planned for today, but then Kayla (whose wonderful blog can be found here) left a great quote in yesterday’s comments section. The quote read “Plans are neat, and motherhood is messy” ~Mothering Magazine. Considering the day that I had just had, that quote seemed more then perfect.

The funny thing about me is that at one point in my life, I was considered to be very neat and organized. Two children, and the past year of my life have certainly seen the end to that.

Dye pots, toys, art books and paints, clothes, dishware, etc. have seemed to pile up in obscure places, and cabinets and closets have become favorite hiding places for everything that I just can’t “deal with” at the moment.

Last week, my husband and I decided that it was time to go through every corner of our home and rid out, organize and simplify. I began yesterday with the kitchen.

My mother, who is a true domestic goddess (I am pretty sure we could eat off her garage floor), came over to help me out (I think that she is rather disappointed in my messy issues). So, just how bad was the kitchen? Well, after 7.5 hours of cleaning, we were still not completely done. Now, I don’t have a very large kitchen space, or very many cabinets, so that should tell you something about my skill for creating a mess.

We took everything out of every cabinet, drawer and shelf and cleaned every inch of space that we could. It was a liberating feeling, especially to realize just how little I actually use on a daily basis, and how much could be given away or gifted.

I had to laugh through the process though, because when I was in college, my friends use to say that I crafted so much that they were afraid that they would come home one day and find that I had stenciled the driveway (If I could figure out a way to do it, trust me I would). The fact is that I would rather sew, cook, knit, garden, play with my little ones, and take a bath then I would clean. Having said that it is nice to have

clean cabinets (yes, those are paper towels in between each of our pasta bowls to keep them from scratching)

a pretty counter top

an organized pantry

and perfectly stacked plates.

OK, one room down, many many more to go 🙁


Weekend Sewing

July 27, 2009

As always seems to be the case, as soon as I decide to dedicate time to working on projects, something always happens to deter me. Oh well, such is the life of a mama.

While we were in California last week, my oldest got very sick with some kind of infection in his tonsils. He spiked a fever that consistently stayed over 103, and his throat got to the point where he could not swallow. We ended up having to use antibiotics on him for the very first time in 6 years (I actually feel pretty good about how long we managed we have to go before giving them to him).

So, of course, this weekend the little one got it. Thankfully his was not as bad, and he did not require antibiotics (which was great, since he got sick right around 5 pm on Friday, just as the doctor’s office was closing).

I didn’t get everything that I wanted to accomplished this weekend, but I did get a few projects wrapped up, and one big project started.

First, I finished up another summer skirt for myself. This was the original skirt that I used to construct the modified pattern of Amy Butler’s Barcelona skirt with, and it still has a bit too much of an a-line, but I love the fabric too much to not wear it.

I also made both of my sons bags to hang their soccer gear in. I think that this had to be the easiest and quickest thing I have made in a while, and the smiles that I received when I was finished was worth it’s weight in gold.

I also started on a blanket that is going to auction in a few weeks to raise money for a new Waldorf charter school here in town. I am amazed by the work that the founding families are doing to get this school up and running, and this blanket is my contribution and wish for them to succeed. It is a three panel blanket, with the center panel having both machine and hand appliqued/embroidered pieces in it. I am so excited to see how this turns out. I spent the weekend placing the pieces for the machine applique, and doing a few test runs on the stitching that I wanted to use.

The blanket is due to be finished by Friday, and I have a lot of work still left to do. I can’t wait to show you all the finished piece.

While I wish it had been more of a productive few days, I feel good about the start to the week. I hope that all of you enjoyed some quiet, and productive creativity.