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May 7, 2009

A few weeks ago I found out that I needed to have minor dental surgery to repair some issues along my gum lines. I scheduled it for this past Tuesday, and from everything that the periodontist told me, it seemed like it would be easy peasy. My dad took me in for my appointment, and since my husband was traveling, my parents scheduled to watch the boys and I for that entire day. Well really, the dentist must be some kind of crazy optimist, because it is two days later, my mouth is throbbing, and I am pretty sure that I have consumed more Advil and pain killers than both of my emergency cesareans, combined.

I think that I wrote the Who Does She Think She Is post while heavily jacked up on Demerol and versed, so my apologies for any grammatical errors, or run on sentences.

I have a lot to show and catch up on with some finished sewing and knitting projects, but those will have to wait for another day (preferably one where I am not seeing double from the pain).

Normally on Fridays I try and do a post that highlights some of the creative and inspiring bloggers I have recently come across , but I decided that today seems like a good day for that. So here are just a few that I have gained inspiration and beauty from this week.

Katie Did: Stacy introduced me to this blog a few days back, and I have really enjoyed both the photography as well as the sewing. There is something about the simplicity of the pieces that she sews that I really enjoy.

Hudson Valley Lamb Cam : Ok, if you have not visited the Lamb Cam, you are seriously missing out!!! My kids sit and watch for a good amount of time, and even I love checking in every day to see how the little ones are doing in the “nursery”. The Hudson Valley Fiber Farm is an amazing group, and as I would recommend looking around their entire site.

Simple Kids : I recently found the Simple Kids blog, and I have enjoyed reading through and learning new ideas for how to live and love simply with our children

Mother’s Day Tutorials : I am a huge fan of Sew Mama Sew, and I love these simple, yet elegant ideas for special gifts for mom.

Connecting the Dots: I found Connecting the Dots through Sugar Mama’s blog, and seriously, I instantly fell in love. First, her photography is amazing, and the projects that she has created makes me want to run to my sewing machine. I especially love this Light Summer Tunic

A Pot Cozy you say? I think that this pot cozy is a great idea! Especially for a gift (although, I would love to decorate all my pots around the house in one of these). I just admire someone who can take a plain terra cotta pot and make it look this good.

Film in the Fridge: This is a great blog to just look through and gain inspiration from, but check out the dress in the link. That might have to be the next project I put on the machine.

As for the above photograph, it is one that my dad took while out on the Chesapeake with my brother. It holds a lot of inspiration for me personally, so it seemed like the perfect photo for today.

Happy Thursday everyone. I wish you all a day full of inspiration.

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