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April 2009 - Shivaya Naturals

April 2009

I stayed up last night until 3 am sewing my latest project. Just as 2 am rolled around, I was on the home stretch and feeling so excited about seeing it completed. At 2:48 I took it off the machine, and learned a very grave lesson, NEVER sew when exhausted. I sewed the back of one piece to the front of the other, and now I will spend my entire morning ripping out stitches and redoing it. Oh well, so is life I suppose.

Yesterday, the boys and I gathered up everything that we would need to put our field packs together for our upcoming hikes and exploration. This year I took the kids to the book store and had them pick out their favorite books on identifying birds, animals and plants in our region. There was actually a ton of information, and we only needed to purchase one book, and the rest we were able to get in wonderful (and cheap) laminated ID tri-folds.

Our field pack includes our cards and books, as well as a pair of binoculars, a magnifying glass, small camera, our nature notebooks and colored pencils, and the all important Camelback. Having the field pack really seems to help the kids to look around, and try and identify everything around them, I think mainly in the hopes that they will then be able to go in and look up their new found animal or plant “friends”. It begins to teach them how to research and find answers to questions that they may have, and it also makes the process of learning about the world around them a fun adventure.

Now we are packed and ready to go, and tomorrow we hit our first big trail of the season.
Happy exploring


A few days ago I was reading Hip Mountain Mama’s blog post on the things that she is looking forward to with the warmer weather. Since then, I have thought a lot about what makes these transitional times from season to season so special for many of us, and I think that it really comes down to anticipation. The anticipation of what an entire season has to offer. Here in Colorado, Spring may be one of the most life affirming times in nature. We don’t necessarily experience crazy winters, but we do have a long winter season that normally begins in November, and does not end until mid to late April. As the light begins to shift, and the days get a bit longer, we allow ourselves to dance with the idea of warm weather, outdoor knitting, and picnics by the river. The anticipation begins to build about what is ahead, and while we are only shown glimpses of those moments, we know, we believe with every part of ourselves, that what we are longing for is almost within reach.

As I sit at my desk writing this, I am looking out on a grey morning. This is the moment to dream about what is ahead.

My children and I picnicking on the Poudre River

Spending many evenings outdoors listening to music

Exploring bugs

Sun hats and the constant application of lotion

Watching my 3 year old swim (he learned in March)

The lazy afternoon heat that sends us indoors to nap and read together

Hand embroidery under a tree

Knitting on my patio with friends who bring so much happiness to my life

Fresh fruit and vegetables that we have grown in our garden

Late night evenings, out on the patio, margarita in hand

A good book and rushing water at my feet

The Farmers Market

There are so many promises that the season holds, and I am looking forward to everyone of them. Perhaps the most important of these though, is time. The time that it takes to let go of the craziness that our lives can become, and simply be and enjoy all of the moments that bring us pure, sweet bliss.