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December 2008

Winter Awake

December 23, 2008

Yesterday marked the turn to Winter. The Solstice brings a moment of utter darkness, where Mother Nature holds her breath in the hopes of the light returning. It is a mythological moment that reminds us that no matter how dark life may become, the light will always return.

The solstice was always a mark of the new year to come, and as a family, this is the day that we celebrate the quiet, the timeless, reflecting on all the dreams that we have for ourselves, and each other, for the coming year. When we awoke this morning, father Sun had indeed made his triumphant return, and with it came a day of joy and celebration. The kids and I made sun crowns, baked bread and enjoyed a long visit from a very inquizitive red fox (I researched the symbol of the red fox, and it symbolizes the creative life force. I thought this was pretty cool!).

We also opened our basket of Winter books, which alwasy brings a smile to the boy’s faces. We finished the day with some quiet art to reflect the turning of the seasons, and to begin to get ready for the fun ahead of the Christmas Season.

Christmas is an amazing time of year, no matter how hurried or frenzied. I think what I love most about this time of year is the hope that it brings. These have been difficult times for so many around the world, and often it seems that the darkness that we are surrounded in will endure, and our dreams will become out of reach. But today gives me hope that we are heading towards better times. No matter how mythological or symbolic this day may seem, it is still a reminder that the world always finds a way to return to the light, and that the darkness simply can not hang on forever.

My wish is that the light will find it’s way to all of you.
Happy Winter

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Frost and Holiday Knitting

December 19, 2008

I love mornings like the one today. We awoke to frost covering everything outside, and an eerie fog that seemed to be making the world stand still. Everything seems to be forced to move slower with weather like this, and I gave up my morning yoga class to snuggle with my kids and get some much needed holiday knitting completed.

I love this time of year, and normally I am hunkered down with my family, getting ready for the Solstice and Christmas, and doing nothing but celebrating with family and friends. This year, things have been a little different. With the TNNA project in full swing, and trying to get the Spring collection up and ready for our store, life seems much busier than normal. My husband has also been away for work this entire week, and I don’t see his schedule letting up anytime soon. It is amazing how much more I have to plan my days, and make sure that everything, from the store to the kids to the house to the pets gets equally taken care of. I think that next year I will have to plan things out a little better, and make sure that we have a lot more taken care of way before the holidays (though, I am pretty sure that I say this EVERY year).

Having said all of that, the kids and I have had a wonderful week, and we have had a few chances to spend time with friends that we have been missing, and my mom and dad as well. My parents have had us over every evening this week, while my husband is away, and they have taken such good care of us. My dad has discovered a secret talent for making the world’s best pomegranate martinis, and I have to say that I am a VERY big fan of this new hobby. He actually started making these last weekend, after he and I were lucky enough to enjoy a Christmas concert with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra together (we went out for Martinis afterwards). My dad and I use to share a lot of moments like these, in fact, we were known for our shared love of music, but with two children and a new business, that had recently begun to fall away. I think that my best Christmas gift this year will have been the opportunity to reconnect with my dad is such a meaningful way, and the reminder that no gift can ever come close to time shared with the people that bring joy and meaning to our lives.

My husband returns tonight, and I am looking forward to a weekend of yoga, solstice celebrations, gift wrapping, knitting, and of course, skeining a lot of yarn! I wish you all a wonderful beginning to Winter.

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