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November 2008

It seems like a while since I have last posted about the store. There is so much that has been happening, and I am so excited to finally share it with all of you.

Our first Shivaya Love Lace Club is now completed, and we can finally reveal the pattern to everyone! As many of you know, Shivaya was lucky enough to snag Stacy to design our first lace pattern project. Stacy and I talked a lot about concept and design, and my only request was that the pattern be centered in nature, and reflect the winter season. Stacy came up with an amazing pattern that she calls “Waiting for Snow”. The scarf has snow flakes that drop from both sides, with a huge snowflake centered in the middle. It is a gorgeous pattern that can be a scarf or a stole and that reflects the season perfectly. The scarf in the above picture is in our Silky Merino in Ocean. The colors for the club are Ember and Winter, and each refelcts the theme of this pattern perfectly. Shivaya will carry kits for this pattern beginning next week, and the pattern itself will be available in our store, and through Ravelry.

We are also excited to announce that next Friday will be a huge store update for Shivaya. We have not held a store update over the past two weeks due to the fact that we had a little over 100 orders to fulfill. I am very thankful to everyone who has placed an order in the past few weeks, and for the continued support of so many of you. We have been working very hard to completely redo our studio to accomodate the growth that has occured over the past month, and I am looking forward to getting back to a regular store update schedule.

Next week we will feature all of our yarns in their winter colors, as well as a few limited edition colors. We will have limited editions in each of our yarns, and once they are gone, they will not be reproduced.

Next week our Knitting Kit section of the website will be updated to include kits for the Spiraluscious pattern by Anne Hanson, as well as Stacy’s Waiting For Snow pattern. We will also be adding in new patterns from Anne Hanson and Miriam Felton, and you can look for upcoming interviews on this blog with both talented designers.

Finally, after a lot of thought, we have chosen to create a yearly club titled “Taste of Shivaya”. This club will feature different Shivaya yarns through out the year, from sock to lace, to silk and cashmere, and it is a wonderful way to get to know our yarns, be a part of a club with some of the best independent designers out there, and to enjoy exclusive club colors that will not be available anywhere else. The club will open January 1st, and the first month to ship will be February 1st. More information will be available soon.

I wish all of you a wonderful beginning to your holiday travels. Please stay safe and warm, and enjoy all of your knitting.

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November 8, 2008

Balance, now that is a difficult concept for a lot of us. Most of us have lives that are so jammed packed that we can barely find time to breathe. I know that for me, I love to do a lot of different things; knitting, work, homeschooling, traveling, being outdoors. I am not good at being quiet and reflective, but yet, I am certainly one of those people who strongly benefits from doing both. For me, this is always where my yoga practice comes in.

I have been practicing, teaching and studying yoga for the past 15 + years, and I think that without it I would find myself truly lost. Wherever I am in my life, my yoga practice is always with me. Sometimes it is gentle and restorative, sometimes vigorous and cleansing. I find that there is not a situation that I have ever been faced with that my yoga practice does not help me through. At this stage in my life, as my children are getting older, my business is thriving, and my time is becoming more balanced (OK, I am trying on this one), my yoga practice is returning to the way it first began. I have two studios in my town that I find the most joy in, and I try and practice there 6 days a week. The past 5 years have been spent mainly in a focused home practice, and it feels so great to be reconnecting with other yogis in a positive atmosphere.

Life is always filled with challenges; moments of pure joy, and moments of such bad mistakes that you are not sure you even understand who you are, and every other emotion in between. I suppose that part of finding some sort of peace within is realizing that all of us share that path. I use to try and strive so hard not to make mistakes, and yet now, with two kids, marriage and a lot of chaos, life’s bigger challenge seems to be the understanding that mistakes happen, and it is how we deal with them that defines us. My children have taught me so much in the past 5 years, much more than I could have ever imagined. As they begin to get older and ask so many questions about the way that the world works, I realize that trying to always keep them in a protective bubble will never work. Helping them face some of the difficult issues in this world, being there for them, and letting them make their own mistakes is the only way that they can become the best versions of themselves. Life is not easy, peace can only ever start from within, and the only thing that is certain is that we can always make the decision to become something better than we are today.