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June 2008

Summer Solstice

June 22, 2008

The Summer Solstice snuck up on me a bit this year. One of my best friends had a beautiful baby boy a few days before the Solstice, and being present in a birth always changes ones perception of time.
Everyone celebrates the Solstice in different ways, for us we spend a week ushering in Summer. Sometimes we celebrate the last week of Spring, with a culmination on the evening of the Summer Solstice, and other years (like this one) we celebrate the entire first week of Summer beginning with the Summer Solstice.
On Thursday I sat down and really thought about the fact that I have not spent the kind of quality time with my children recently that I normally do. I decided that on this first day of Summer, I would pack them up and have a fun filled day. I really vowed to just give my entire day to being together, quietly and calmly, and enjoying the change of the season.
We started the day with a walk with some friends, as the children gathered material to make fairy houses later in the week and enjoyed the cool breezes that the late morning had to offer.
From there the boys and I headed into the Poudre Canyon to spend time at one of our favorite spots along the river. We spent hours building sand castles, following snakes and a lizard, splashing in the water, choosing river rocks, napping, eating and reading books. It was truly the perfect afternoon. I need to reconnect with my kids, and doing that in nature always makes for a sweet combination. Summer Solstice is one of my favorite days of the entire year (second only to Winter Solstice). It is a time to give thanks to Mother Nature for all the beauty and natural treasures that we are given each day. It is a day to spend outside, with friends and with family, and to be grateful for all that we have.
Happy Summer


My family and I visited the Boulder Farmers Market yesterday. Waking up early on a Saturday morning and driving to Boulder is one of my favorite Summer activities. The market is really worth a visit if you ever come near the area. Sunset magazine has named the Boulder Farmers Market one of the best in the West, and having visited the market the last six years, I can really understand why. My recommendation is to hit Boulder around 7 am, hike for about two hours, and then arrive at the market with a huge appetite, ready to enjoy all of the amazing gourmet food that is available.

There are about 50 vendors at the market, and there is little that you can’t find overflowing from the carts this time of year. Turnips and radishes, bok choy and lettuces, asparagus and herbs abound. The boys and I filled our bags with tons of herbs and tomato plants to bring home and care for. Joel and I enjoyed many of the markets amazing food vendors and we indulged in a Thai eggs benedict and egg and bacon hamburger that were to die for. Jacob fell in love with the gourmet gluten free stand that had samples of every type of cake you could imagine. Coffee cake and zucchini and chocolate bread were his choices to take with him, and it was amazing to see his face light up when he too could partake in a fresh baked treat. Our meal was topped off with a talented groups of musicians playing nearby.

We brought home a huge a bunch of fresh turnips, sliced them thick and topped them with a very small amount of salt and pepper. Raw turnips, especially this time of year, are a real treat, and really good for you.
The Farmers Market, whether in Boulder or here in Fort Collins, is the way that I start every Saturday morning in the Summer and early Fall. The joy of fresh food can never be expressed in words, so here is to hoping that all of you will find the same pleasure in a market near you.

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