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June 2008 - Shivaya Naturals

June 2008

My Everest

June 27, 2008

I started the Hemlock Ring blanket sometime in early March. I loved the blanket and the pattern has been a lot of fun to knit. Having said that, this blanket has also been my Knitting Everest. Towards the end of the project, each round is 600 stitches, and the border takes that # and mulitplies it by about 5. I had to put the blanket down in the last month, and I just picked it up to finish off the border. Here is the blob in her finest!

Now I am ready to block her on the upstairs bed, steam her up and send her off to a very special recipient. Probably the craziest thing about this hemlock blanket is that no matter how long it has taken me, i love it, and I have my next color of yarn picked out to start tomorrow. Happy Knitting



June 26, 2008

My children love rocketships and outer space. They have begun watching launch videos on NASA’s website every day, and they make all of their wooden toys turn into rocketships. It is neat to see this real love of something that they can explore in many different ways.