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May 2008

I have a new favorite love; The Food-Lit Blog. I have recently discovered the joys of reading about travel, photography and food on some world class blogs that inspire me to want get into my kitchen and try some new recipes, travel to countries I haven’t seen (or revisit the ones that I have in a totally new way), and photograph food, drink and countryside, more as art than as documentation. Some of the blogs, like Food and Thoughts combine rich photography that truly makes you want to jump into the computer and savor every last bite, with great stories about the food that is being eaten and the places that it is being eaten in. Other sites, like Orangette inspire the reader to realize their culinary potential. Orangette is filled with wonderful stories of the author’s life with food and drink, but it’s main attribute is that it brings recipes that many of us encounter everyday into the realm of possibility, no matter how challenging they may seem.
As a mother of celiac children, Gluten Free Girl is a staple. Again, there are stories that help to navigate the overwhelming roller coaster that can sometime accompany cooking for food allergies, but it is the idea of making gluten free cooking a gourmet art that keeps me coming back to Shauna’s blog. I want my children to be able to enjoy the art of cooking, the true love and passion that can come from eating good food. The long dinners spent with friends, where the conversation over the food and wine can be life changing. Most of us have had many experiences like that; our favorite restaurant, five courses, bottles of wine, a dessert that we never wanted to end, and a conversation that still to this day leaves an amazing aftertaste. When I found out that my oldest child had severe celiac disease, I really feared that he might miss out on that experience in life. Gluten Free Girl helps to give me hope.

Food, wine, travel, great photography, they are part of the essence of life, the wonderful things that make us want to stay in this world as long as possible. The food blogs are a great way to enjoy these things every day, and in such a sweet, poetic way. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Gluten Free Girl
Chocolate and Zucchini
Figs Olives and Wine
Food and Thoughts
Tea and Cookies
The Traveler’s Lunchbox
The Wednesday Chef
Pro Bono Baker

There are so many fantastic food blogs out there, and I plan to feature one per week on Shivaya’s Food Fridays! Check back this Friday to read the first one.

Happy Eating


My New Favorite Spot

May 12, 2008

Mother’s Day was a huge treat for me this year. My family woke up early (mainly because I am a very early riser) and ran off to get me breakfast, a cappuccino and flowers while I stayed in bed and read Cloud Atlas (fabulous book, I would highly recommend it). I had really wanted to get out, hike and enjoy some beautiful weather through the day, so we packed up the kids and headed towards Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. From there we headed into Lyons for lunch and a walk around town. We then took route 7 back towards Estes, stopped a few times to play in the river, and then finally landed ourselves in my new favorite spot; Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. It is truly a small slice of the Heavens that sits just below Mt. Meeker and Longs Peak. There is an easy 1 mile hike around the lake, which the boys were thrilled to run. There is also a nice trail head that leads into the mountains surrounding the lake. The weather was warm and there was almost not a cloud in the Skye. We ended the evening with dinner at Mary’s Lake Lodge and a nice drive home where the boys fell peacefully asleep.
After a hard winter, it is easy to forget how gorgeous Colorado really is. Truly, it is like living in the World’s largest outdoor playground. I was very lucky to have discovered such a beautiful spot on such a special day.

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