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April 2008

New Look

April 24, 2008

I needed something new for this blog, almost like a Spring cleaning. I wanted something a little bit more streamlined and cleaned, and for right now, this is what I have come up with. We are working on a logo for Shivaya, so once that is done, I think we will use that instead of the current photo. Having said that, I love this picture. My father took it when we were at one of our many Denver Botanical Garden shoots last year. I love the lines and the statues themselves. It just speaks of both nature and creativity in a very strong way to me.
I am heavily into reading about web design and all the stuff that goes into that. My husband, the super computer geek is willing to help me put an actual site together, but I really want to design and maintain it myself. I feel like I have taken on a lot right now, and I am trying to prioritize what is really important. For right now, I think that getting Shivaya going, getting my name out there and putting some serious focus on my photography is where my priorities are going to lie. Of course, raising my children and making them happy will always be #1).

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I’m Back

April 22, 2008

I had no idea that it had been as long as it has since I have posted here. I have been busy, really busy! Over the weekend of the 11th I spent three days down in Boulder with my dye teacher, Donna Brown and the Handweavers Guild of Boulder. It was an amazing three days in which we naturally dyed over around 200 skeins of yarn, and about 100 different colorways. I learned so much, and after a lot of encouragement from Donna and from my family, I came home and put together my thoughts on dying yarn for Shivaya. I have been thinking about doing this for over a year, and I am not really sure what ever stopped me from doing it; fear, the idea that I just couldn’t do it as good as other people out there, etc.
Donna has really become a mentor for me, and she has not only taught me the essentials of using natural dye extracts, but she also given me a sense of confidence that if this is what I want to do with my time and my creativity, then I should put my whole self into it and see where it goes.
So, that is where I am headed. I have spent the last week doing nothing but dying yarn and roving. It is messy and fun and I love it more than I thought that I would. I still feel like I am in a trial phase, but I am keeping notebooks full of information about everything that I do, and one day I think that I will be much more efficient. I have huge hopes for Shivaya, and although this is very much a one step at a time small business, I hope that one day many a knitter will be using our naturally dyed yarn. For now, I am content that one of the LYS in the area has agreed to sell my yarn and roving, and I am more grateful for that than you could imagine. Here are a few pictures of what has been keeping me busy these last few weeks.

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