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February 2008 - Shivaya Naturals

February 2008

Reading your Knitting

February 29, 2008

I was asked once, by a fellow knitter who I have deep admiration for, if I could read my knitting. I had no idea what she meant. She explained that reading knitting was the ability to look at any part of my work (and if you are really good, at anybody else’s), and to know exactly what you have done with each stitch and each row. That explanation forever changed my knitting. I have made reading my knitting a focus of every project that I have done since then, and I realize now how little I understood the process, the construction, before I could do this. At the moment I am working on knitting heavy wool boot socks for my husband. I actually really love knitting these, mainly b/c they are done on a size 6 needle, and therefore knit up quicker, but also because with the larger stitches I am able to read, and therefore more fully understand, sock construction. Each time I go to pick up my knitting, I read what I have done since the last time that I picked it up. Of course, this has also yielded me ripping out my knitting a few times because the flaws come clearly into focus, but I guess that is only a small downfall to this process. One of my biggest 2008 goals was to refine my work, and to begin to design my own pieces. Reading every stitch, and knowing what I have done, seeing what is really in the garment, has allowed me to take this next step.

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A Beautiful Birthday Gift

February 29, 2008

I am very lucky to have a close group of girlfriends who help each other to raise our families in a conscious way here in Colorado. My friend Suzy, whose family we spend a lot of time with, has been learning to knit (and by learning, I mean I showed her a few things, and she was off like nothing else. The girl can knit). I was away in Flordia over my birthday, and I got together with Suzy and her beautiful daughters yesterday for the first time. Suzy gave me a wonderful gift of handmade washcloths that are really special. I am a Pisces, and one of the washcloths had the pisces symbol. The second was a Harry Potter (which I am a huge fan of)washcloth, and finally (and my favorite), was a pink and white washcloth that was knitted with the International Breastfeeding symbol on it. For those who don’t know, I am a lacataion consultant and a very serious advocate of breastfeeding. I still breastfeed both of my children, and a lot of my passion goes towards breastfeeding education. I was really overwhelmed with the gift that Suzy gave me, mainly beacuse it was so personally made. Three things that I love and feel strongly about, knit for me. It was a real surprise. Here are a few pictures of her beautiful work