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October 2007

Shivaya Naturals

October 27, 2007

We are really getting close to launching Shivaya Naturals, and we are all so excited!! Shivaya was born from the idea that living naturally means living in harmony with all parts of yourself. In order to do this, you have to honor your inner self, acknowledge all aspects of that self (good and bad), and then find the balance that your whole being needs. We wanted to bring products out into the world that everyone uses and enjoys, but we wanted to do it in a way that honored the creative process. We are going to be selling an amazing organic body care line, beautiful jewelry that honors the seasons of life, and hand dyed (some even hand spun) yarn, as well as hand made stitch markers and other knitting accessories. The idea is to create products that leave the least footprint behind when we are gone. First and foremost, we are mothers of small children, and the world that we leave to them can be one of health and wellbeing if we are willing to look at how we consume and we make a conscious choice to change the way we look at what we need. Shivaya is a small business and we hope that we will be successful in our endeavor, but I think that mainly we are looking forward to creating an artistic, hand created assortment of products that have done no harm, and that are good for both body and soul.



October 22, 2007

After months of waiting, weeks of checking my status, I finally got into Ravelry!!! I am so excited. I have had the worst few weeks of news, and this was a great surprise. I plan to spend the next few days simply looking over the site and getting everything onto it. Yea!